A High Quality NPD test network

A lot of NPD is undertaken with a small, unrepresentative group of customers. (eg. via co-creation). Eventually product testing will have to take place to assess whether the investment can be recouped. This is where Motivaction and Mobiel Centre come together.
With Mentality™ Motivaction is able to carry out very focused NPD research with the right emotional target group. Due to their nationwide F2F® consumer network, Mobiel Centre is able to carry out high quality product research.
Together both organizations offer a unique proposition: F2F® NPD targeted research using specific Mentality ™groups to test, taste and evaluate products. The USP is that not only socio-demographic but also Mentality™ research can be offered.



The redesigning and enrichment of (public) spaces and surroundings

This research is based on understanding specific psychological stimuli, accurately measured at the moment of experience. With satisfaction as the point of view, from desire, proof to evidence.

All (un) conscious sensory perceptions lead to both rational and emotional reactions such as avoidance or inclination. Examples include; staying longer in pleasant surroundings, a wish to further explore an environment, a wish to return, deciding whether to make a purchase and the consideration of making a recommendation.

The redevelopment and fine-tuning of environmental stimuli and the influence of behaviour through sensory stimuli, such as colour, light, sound, smell, temperature etc. are measures that can be taken to provide a (more) positive experience.

In order to ensure meaningful results, gathering information on perception is essential. This includes ambience, safety and functionality among other issues.

Together with partner, Meet4Research, Mobiel Centre provides the expertise in this field in The Netherlands. As F2F® authority and co-initiator of knowledge platforms.