Ideal for FMCG, food, retail and marcom organisations

We offer any type of market research. And developed five own formulas. Fieldwork+, F2F®, ZEYIO®, SELF-i® and NEXT.
Implicit en Explicit Testing. From tasting, product and packaging surveys to neuro research.
Fieldwork+ includes all kinds of basic market research provided from the (green) fields. From calling, quantative research to data exploration.
Fieldwork+ is distinguished by the fact that Mobiel Centre controls the entire chain.
• Supervision on site / teams
• Controlled processes
√ The structure, approach, deployment and monitoring of each study is guaranteed.
Face-to-face market research = face-to-face interviews of your respondents, research conducted by trained teams.
From our own seven test centres, spread nationwide. But also at events, in shopping malls, public areas or waiting rooms.
• Affordable and scalable
• Right on the spot
√ The interviewers approach is essential for the success of research.
This is our online consumer platform for you. ZEYIO® is a panel that combines two decisive facts:
• Face-to-face recruiting
• Enriched with Mentality™ profiles of Motivaction
Research based on more than just socio-demographic characteristics: but also sophisticated insights on attitudes / stratification / mentality.
√ Complies with the strict ISO standard for online panels.
With SELF-i® customers, visitors or passers give directly at the moment of experiencing their respons. For example, on a customized tablet - fixed or mobile.
SELF-i® Self-interviewing is developed to explore data in the customer journey. In front of the shelf, at a consultation session or during a trade show.
• Quickly operational
• Right on the spot measured
√ The numbers grow naturally at representative level.
The ultimate combination of face-to-face and neuro research. NEXT offers high-tech market research (neuro tools) and high traffic (continuous respondents). This represents new opportunities!
The test centers of Mobiel Centre offer Neurolab facilities of Validators.
• Implicit Association Testing
• Facial Coding and User Experience Testing
√ Immerse yourself in the mind of the consumer, the effect of advertising, measurement campaigns, usability and shelf configurations.
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