Field Research+

Field Research+ is the highest standard for field research and service. Always budget-wise and flexible.

We take care of  the strategy and the implementation of the field research. We also process  the information and analyze the data. From report form to real-time presentation. This comprehensive offer and the most accurate data, combined with our tried and tested approach, is the Field Research+ method. F2F® market research at the moment of experience.

The success of Field Research+ is based on our solid approach to field research. Both off-line or via our online panel. At our test sites or in the form of mobile teams, for example, during events, mystery shopping or counts.

A number of features determine the speed and the effectiveness of our Field Research+; nearly 30 years of expertise (of tight control and monitoring), a large and flexible nationwide register of interviewers (trained and motivated),  and the most modern tools ... from iPads, scanning technology, call seats, scanning facilities, sensory and eye-tracking to web applications, apps and servers.